Service Agreements

Comprehensive Service Agreements

At Araptus, we offer a variety of service agreements designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you need a standard agreement or a customized solution, we ensure clear terms and successful collaboration:

Standard Service Agreement

This agreement covers all the fundamental aspects of our collaboration, including scope of work, project timelines, payment terms, and confidentiality policies. It ensures a clear understanding between both parties and provides a framework for accountability and quality assurance.

Extended Service Agreement

An extended service agreement includes all the features of the standard agreement with additional support and maintenance services post-deployment. This agreement is ideal for projects that require ongoing optimization, updates, and technical support.

Custom Service Agreement

For clients with specific needs that are not covered by standard or extended agreements, we offer the option to create a fully customized service agreement. This includes tailored terms that address unique project requirements, specialized support, and any additional services deemed necessary for project success.

Project-Based Agreement

Designed for single projects with defined outcomes and timelines, this agreement focuses on delivering specific results. It outlines detailed project deliverables, milestones, and completion criteria, providing a clear roadmap for both parties.

Retainer Agreement

Our retainer agreement is suitable for clients who need continuous services over a longer period. This arrangement provides ongoing support at a fixed monthly rate, allowing for predictable budgeting and ensuring that resources are always available when needed.

Performance-Based Agreement

This agreement ties payment terms to performance metrics and project outcomes. It's designed to align the interests of both parties and focus on achieving specific, agreed-upon results, offering peace of mind through guaranteed service quality.