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With 5 years of experience in DotNetNuke (DNN) development, Araptus offers comprehensive services to meet your business needs. From installation and upgrades to custom plugin development and performance optimization, we provide tailored solutions to ensure your DNN platform runs smoothly and efficiently.


Installing DotNetNuke (DNN) involves setting up Docker on your system, cloning the DNN Docker repository, building the Docker image, running the Docker containers, and completing the DNN installation wizard.


Upgrading DotNetNuke (DNN) involves backing up your website and database, checking system requirements for the latest version, downloading the latest version from the official website, unzipping the files to a temporary folder, turning off your website's App Pool in IIS, copying the files to your website's root directory, running the DNN upgrade wizard, and testing your website thoroughly.


Debugging in DotNetNuke (DNN) involves enabling debugging mode, accessing log files, enabling detailed error messages, debugging using Visual Studio, and utilizing browser developer tools to identify and resolve issues.


Analyzing a DotNetNuke (DNN) custom plugin project involves understanding the project requirements, examining existing modules, planning the custom plugin, identifying dependencies, estimating development time, developing the custom plugin, testing and debugging, and deploying and maintaining the plugin.

Theme and Layout Development

Custom theme and page layout development for DotNetNuke (DNN) involves planning the design, creating a new theme, developing the theme's structure, designing the theme, creating custom containers, developing custom page layouts, testing the theme and layouts, packaging and deploying the theme, applying the custom theme, and maintaining and updating the theme and layouts.

Performance Optimization

Optimizing performance in DotNetNuke (DNN) involves identifying bottlenecks, assessing potential issues, and implementing best practices to enhance the performance and user experience of your DNN website.


DNN Sharp plugins are a collection of powerful, feature-rich extensions designed to extend the functionality of the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform. EasyDNNnews is a versatile and feature-rich module for the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform, designed to create, manage, and display various types of content, such as articles, blogs, events, and more.

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